We come up with innovative solutions all the time

SMS has worked on a number of major roads and rail structures such as A229 overbridge, Mitre Bridge and Medway viaduct.

Each of these projects has brought with it their own specific challenges from tight angles to difficulties with power supplies reaching the areas needed. SMS have therefore had to solve these issues with collaborative innovations with our supply partner, and we would like to share with you the innovations that we feel the best suit this project.

Limited Clearance Nozzle
We worked closely with our supply chain regarding a technical query that was raised highlighting the painting of the hidden critical areas on the back to back angles on trackside lattice steelwork by our client.
Battery Spray Gun
A technical query was raised highlighting painting top flanges and cleats on trackside parapets steelwork under line block possessions. Again, we worked closely with our supply chain regarding the technical query by introducing a handheld
Hazardous Waste Containment