IMS213 Health Safety Policy Statement

Statement authorised by management within the defined scope of the occupational health and safety management system (H&SMS) and FORS management system (FORSMS) to reduce the risk of work-related accidents, injuries and cases of ill health and help ensure the health, safety and welfare of anyone affected by the Company's operations, including its fleet operation.  

The Company has overall and final responsibility for health and safety.  The person with continuous and effective responsibility for health and safety and for ensuring this policy is put into practice is the general manager.  

Achievement of this policy and its objectives involves all employees being individually responsible for the safety of their work resulting in a continual improvement culture and safe working environment for all.

The Company's health and safety policies and procedures:  

• Are appropriate to the nature and scale of the Company’s health and safety risks
• Include commitment to health and safety
• Are documented, implemented and maintained
• Are communicated to all persons working under the control of the Company with the intent that they are made aware of their individual health and safety obligations
• Are available to interested parties
• Reduce the probability and severity of work-related accidents, injuries and cases of ill health
• Are supported by risk assessments and method statements
• Describe how health and safety is managed, stating who does what, when and how
• Describe the procedure for reporting workplace accidents, occupational diseases and dangerous occurrences (near-misses)
• Describe the procedure for managing accidents and incidents
• Describe the procedure for health and safety monitoring
• Promote continual improvement in health and safety management and performance
• Comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements that relate to health and safety hazards
• Remove employee concerns of disciplinary action for refusal to work on the grounds of health and safety and identify unsafe acts and conditions
• Ensure that the health and safety of all employees and other people affected by the Company’s operations are of paramount importance and managed successfully
• Ensure that accident and ill health prevention is provided the highest priority within all Company operations
• Ensure that every company or individual with whom it contracts or sub-contracts work aspires to a similar high standard of health and safety management
• Provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities
• As far as is reasonably practicable, fully and effectively control the health and safety risks arising from its work activities in cooperation with employees, other contractors, customers and other relevant parties
• Provide for lapses on health and/or safety performance to be investigated in order that remedial actions may be implemented to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, their reoccurrence 

• Provide adequate training, supervision, information and instruction to ensure employees are able to competently and safely carry out their work activities
• Management engage, consult and provide advice and supervision on health and safety with its employees and others under its control to ensure that the arrangements for health and safety management are supervised, practical to implement and effective
• Establish, inform and provide information on emergency procedures to employees and others who may be affected, ensuring these are implemented and adhered to
• Maintain safe and healthy working conditions by ensuring that all work places are maintained in a safe and healthy condition
• Ensure plant, equipment and machinery, owned or hired by the Company, is appropriate, safe for use and properly maintained, inspected, checked and tested
• Ensure that all materials and substances used by the Company are appropriate for their intended use and handled, used and stored safely
• Provide access to competent health and safety advice to achieve the aims of this policy
• Review, monitor and revise the objectives of the health and safety policies and procedures

The policy, procedures, risk assessments, method statements, records and data relevant to fleet operation health and safety shall be:
• Documented and reviewed in accordance with FORS requirement M1
• Retained in accordance with FORS requirement M2
• Communicated in accordance with FORS requirement M5

This statement is reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the Company.  

A review is conducted within one year of the revision date or more frequently if needed, for example changes to legislation, incidents and accidents, or changes to working practices.  Reviews are conducted by the general manager and the HSQE systems manager and approved by the general manager.

Signed and dated 14 January 2019 by P Lowe, General Manager